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2020 Match marathon:

mission accomplished!

We were unable to hold this year’s Annual Benefit Garage Sale due to COVID-19, but our friends in Uganda still need our help! In July, supporters pledged to match all donations made to Gotta Have HOPE up to $30,000.

This year, it’s all about EDUCATION – benefiting student tuition and our new parent agriculture program in Mawuuki, Uganda. 

Through your unbelievable generosity, $36,430 was donated to the 2020 Match Marathon, bringing our total to $66,430! 

Thank YOU for your support!

Your donation made TWICE the impact!

Didn’t get a chance to give before the deadline, but want to support education in Mawuuki, Uganda? You can still support the cause by giving at the link below!

Match Tracker

We did it! Thank you for your generosity!


The Match in Action

Your dollars are changing lives. 100% of the proceeds from the Match Marathon benefit Y’Abayizi and Y’Awaka, two of Gotta Have HOPE’s current programs in Mawuuki, Uganda. Learn more below!


“For the Students”

Y’Abayizi is Gotta Have HOPE Inc.’s tuition assistance program which benefits past, present, and future students of St. Joan of Arc (SJA) Primary School in Mawuuki, Uganda. Through this program, Gotta Have HOPE provides need and merit-based scholarships, allowing children from the surrounding village and beyond to attend the nationally ranked SJA Primary School. Graduates of SJA may also apply for assistance with secondary school and university tuition through Y’Abayizi as they continue their educational journeys. 


“For the Home”

Our newest collaborative endeavor, Y’Awaka, is an Adult Education and Agriculture program designed especially for the adults in Mawuuki and other surrounding villages. This program integrates academic and agricultural education for all members of the household and progresses through topics such as reading & writing, hygiene & sanitation, cooking, current farming practices, livestock rearing, personal finance, and business & marketing based on the needs and aspirations of the family. Led by an Ugandan adult educator on staff at SJA, Y’Awaka will begin its inaugural year collaborating with 55 local families.


HOPE is the acronym for all of our activities, as well as, the virtue we hold dear knowing God will help us in all things.


Through the donations of expertise, materials, and funding, we help improve public health, as well as access to healthcare in the communities we serve.


We help design and implement self-sustaining programs for the improvement of social and economic opportunity.


By providing assistance to help individuals form a necessary foundation, we help others maximize their own personal development and potential.


We believe education to be the key in the development of a person and a society. We support educational programs from childhood through adulthood.

The Uganda Initiative of Gotta Have HOPE serves our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana of Uganda, East Africa.

Gotta Have HOPE is also actively involved in:

St. Joan of Arc

Primary Day & Boarding School

Nayune Jewelry

Handmade jewelry & crafts from female artisans

The Cow Project

Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana


Mawuuki Women’s Empowerment Association

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The mission of Gotta Have HOPE, Inc. is to provide the opportunity for impoverished communities and individuals to develop to their full potential. 

We do this by improving access to Healthcareintroducing Opportunity for social and economic growth, assisting individuals in reaching their Potentialand establishing life-long opportunities of Education with Christ as our model in all endeavors.

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